Healing the Soul through Art and Music

Multimedia artworks designed and composed for healthcare, spa, and wellness environments

Over the centuries, music and art have proven to be both transcendent and therapeutic. CRG"s productions combine both of these art forms to create journeys of the imagination. These photographs of diverse global landscapes, complemented by originally scored, relaxing music, were composed to reduce stress, promote healing, and create transcendent experiences.

An art consultant for the healthcare and healthcare design community with 25 years of experience, Carol Rubenstein has gained immense insight into the effects of art in healthcare. Her sensitivity to design and to the benefits of art and music in these environments led her to collaborate with master photographer Lonnie Graham and virtuoso musician Foster Child.

Artist Lonnie Graham has photographed diverse cultures in their environments across the globe, bringing an understanding of the human condition with his life’s work. Focusing his attention to the beauties of the natural world, the artist has created uplifting visual journeys transporting us in place and time.

Foster Child traveled the world to create music globally, bringing his vast musical resources to compose these special works. By interpreting the landscapes’ color and textures, through tonal frequencies and music composition, his work reflects a sensitivity to the effects of music on the human condition.